Saturday, July 6, 2013

Where You'll Find Me

Look for "When You Must Go" in the May/June 2013 issue of Gray's Sporting Journal, and "A Different Sort of Ghost" in March/April, both available for the iPad.

"When You Must Go" is mostly set in Montana, but the first draft was written in Shanghai. "A Different Sort of Ghost" takes place in the Maldives, after the tsunami, and first found paper in Vermont.

On PhoneFiction,  you can locate "An Angel in the Juvenile Phase" and "Homesick." The stories on this site can be read on any device, even a phone (hence the name), and no apps are required. The catalog is organized by time commitment alone.

I wrote "Angel" while living in Missoula but thinking about the Keys, and "Homesick" while living in Missoula and remembering Los Angeles.

If there's a theme here, I'm blind to it. Maybe I just need a little distance . . .

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